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Shelton Democrats’ Endorsed Candidates for the November 7th, 2023 Municipal Election

The Shelton Democratic Town Committee unanimously endorsed former Shelton police officer David Eldridge for Mayor along with a strong slate of candidates for other city offices on July 18, 2023 at our campaign headquarters on 346 Coram Avenue, Shelton. We are proud to present a diverse and well qualified slate of candidates that will be ready day one after the election to move our City forward.

On row A of the ballot we have a team of candidates from multiple walks of life. We have native born citizens that have lived in Shelton their whole lives and immigrants from other continents that became citizens while proving the American dream is alive and well. Former CEOs, teachers, social workers, manufacturers, custodians, scientists, business owners, nurses, and many more experiences to draw on.

Keeping taxes low is a team effort, not the job of one person. But there’s no teamwork with the way the Republicans constantly attack the Board of Education. That relationship must be fixed to keep taxes low in the long term, and reducing minority representation on the BOE is not a solution. It just reduces checks and balances on our largest city expenditure and increases partisan influences on our schools where it doesn’t belong.

We are committed to transparency and ethics in local government. Shelton currently has low taxes, but there are other important things that get missed: municipal services and facilities that need to be improved or maintained; opportunities to work with State and federal grants that are not pursued; building a collaborative environment to pursue public-private partnerships with our business community to address problems like parking downtown; and better development planning that makes Shelton a more inclusive place to work, live and play.

Mayor – David Eldridge

Alderman Ward 1

Frank Donato

Nathan Diur

Alderman Ward 2

Kevin Kosty Bryan Lizotte

Alderman Ward 3

Jose Goncalves

Steven Guralnick

Alderman Ward 4

Mandy Kilmartin Ludwig Spinelli

Board of Education

Lorraine Rossner

Kate Kutash

Patti Moonan

Joan Littlefield

BetteLynn Paez


Wayne Bragg

Greta Jacobsen

Joe Knapik


Elaine Matto

Tom Harbinson

Nancy Dickal

Matt McGee (alternate)

Library Board

Dave Gioiello

For additional information on the candidates stay tuned to

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