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Ward 3 Aldermen - Steven Guralnick and Jose Goncalves

Meet the candidates for Ward 3 Aldermen; Steven Guralnick and Jose Goncalves

Our candidates were asked questions by the Shelton Herald, you can read their responses below.

Jose Goncalves (D)

Work - A Committed employee of the Bridgeport Board of Education for over 25 years and member of the AFSCME Local 1522 union.

Community - Shelton resident for more than 40 years; volunteered with the Shelton youth soccer program; volunteered at Diabetes community service events across the state to support his son in his struggle with Type 1 Diabetes.

Steven Guralnick (D)

Work - He started a medical equipment business for Bridgeport Hospital which led him into healthcare and pharmaceutical sales.

Political - Previously served on the Board of Apportionment and Taxation for two terms.

Community - Living in the Long Hill neighborhood for 36 years; married and a long-time animal activist, he has worked with rescue dog groups and presently has 2 adopted rescue dogs, Finn & Sully.

1. What are the major challenges facing the city now and in the coming years and how would you handle that challenge?

I'm running for Alderman because the residents of the city of Shelton deserve to have transparency when it comes to the budgets, policies, planning and zoning. I know from my experience as being on the Board of Apportionment and Taxation that presently there is no oversight in the city budgets. Staffing of different departments need to be sufficient to Shelton's needs, including the police, maintenance and planning departments.

It's important to have grant writers working with the state and federal government to get every dollar available to benefit Shelton. Example would be as traffic is increasing. We need lights set up on certain roads, better system to slow traffic down on main roads. i.e., Long Hill Avenue and intersection with Route 110. It's important for the city to have an emergency fund to address things that happen and not have to borrow at these higher interest rates. We need input from the Citizens of Shelton to help their city grow in a way that will be more desirable but keeps taxes low!

2. What are your primary goals if elected?

To have a bipartisan city government that works for all residents, senior citizens, city youth that want to remain in Shelton and be proud of what we have in Shelton without overbuilding the city.

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