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Ward 1 Aldermen - Frank Donato and Nathan Diur

Meet the candidates for Ward 1 Aldermen; Frank Donato and Nathan Diur.

Our candidates were asked questions by the Shelton Herald, you can read their responses below.

Frank Donato (D)

Work - Former small business owner.

Political - Currently serving on Planning & Zoning Commission as an alternate.

Community – Donato moved to Connecticut from New York City in 2007 to be closer to his adult children. He graduated from Iona College with a political science degree. He is a U.S. Navy Reserve veteran, a member of the American Legion and the Knights of Columbus. He is a grandfather of eight, one a Shelton High School graduate and a second attending Shelton High.

1. What are the major challenges facing the city now and in the coming years and how would you handle that challenge?

The most pressing issue facing my constituents is quality of life. Are we providing services to our citizens that will help this community to grow in a healthy fashion? I will work with David Eldridge to maintain Shelton’s history of low taxes, while investing in Shelton’s quality of life. As I have gone door to door talking to people in Ward 1, I have discovered that individuals of all ages are being impacted by the lack of city services. Are there social services to help the elderly stay independent and families that may be dealing with dementia? As an alderman, I will investigate grants and other sources of help. Are we doing all we can to ensure a safe and high-level education for our children. I will work with David Eldridge to make strategic investments in our schools with careful planning and oversight. We must also support our police, fire and EMS – making sure they are equipped for the problems of the 21st century. Are we maintaining our roads properly? During this campaign, I have walked all the major and secondary roads in Ward 1, and it is obvious that we need to do a better job. This includes the city clearing rubbish and cutting back overgrowth in areas that block vision. A final issue is flooding. There are people in the city who are being flooded monthly by what should be 100-year floods. Sewer grates should be cleaned and other solutions should be considered. If I am elected, I want my constituents to know that I am aware of their problems and will work to solve them.

2. What are your primary goals if elected?

Power without accountability is always dangerous. We live in a city that is dominated by one party, there is no debate and no call of truth to power. Too much happens in this city without debate or questioning. We do not have to look around the world for an autocratic society, we have it here in Shelton. As part of the Eldridge team, I pledge to work for transparency in our city government and to work for the benefit of the people in Ward 1. Dave is ready to govern and will hit the pavement running on day 1 of his administration. I will proudly be part of an administration that continues Shelton’s history of low taxes, working to invest in Shelton’s financial stability and quality of life. For this to happen we need a major turnout of voters in this election cycle. I have tried my best to motivate everyone I have met to vote.

Nathan Diur (D)

Work - 16 years of experience in CT manufacturing businesses; former supervisor at OEM Controls, current machine and fabrication shop supervisor at Leed Himmel.

Community - Immigrated from DRC Congo, Africa to CT 18 years ago; married to a former President of the Shelton Women’s Club and helped maintain the City Hall Garden; pastors with his wife at All Nations Christian Fellowship Church in Naugatuck; studied English at the Adult Education center in Shelton, fluent in multiple languages: English, French, Swahili and Lingala.

1. What are the major challenges facing the city now and in the coming years and how would you handle that challenge?

In running, I look to secure the future of this town first by fighting for funding for the Board of Education. Also, to make sure accountability is in check on city policies. I look to request street and infrastructure improvements. If necessary, connect the ward’s local businesses by making sure the city services and information are available. I would like to start the project of having a bike line and walking paths to encourage an alternate form of transportation because of the traffic congestion due to more business flow throughout Shelton that is creating parking issues.

2. What are your primary goals if elected?

The city can grow by maintaining the quality of mid-size cities, having less traffic, better schooling, clean air and public services that are available for all residents. As a social aspect I would like to implement multiple spots where neighbors can drop off books for others to enjoy. A designed system would make books available for those who can’t get to a library.

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