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Support In-Person Early Voting in Connecticut

3 years ago the Shelton Democratic Town Committee voted to adopt a resolution supporting the passage of an early voting amendment to our state constitution. This year the measure finally makes it to the ballot for all of us to vote on.

On your ballot this year you will find the following question: Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?

We urge you to vote YES to this question.

The number of states that offer some form of early in-person voting has risen to 46. Connecticut is behind nearly all other states on this initiative to make voting more inclusive, safe, secure and easier for all citizens.

Republican's are fighting against early voting by making false claims of voter fraud. They are only interested in limiting the vote because they know that the GOP has moved to an extreme position that is out of step with our Connecticut values. Rather than do the right thing they'd rather make it harder for everyone to vote in hopes it will weaken voter turnout against their unpopular agenda that includes ending Social Security and Medicare, restricting people's freedoms, a nationwide abortion ban even in cases of rape, incest and saving the life of the mother, and worse.

Vote YES on the early voting referendum question on your ballot this year. And vote for our endorsed ROW A candidates to protect our shared American values and freedom.

You can read our original resolution by downloading the PDF below.

Resolution Paid Family and Medical Leave 3-18-19
Download PDF • 328KB

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