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Perillo and McGorty Vote Against Protecting Women and Providers of Reproductive Healthcare

April 20th, 2022

Shelton Republican State Representatives Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty voted against protecting women and providers of reproductive Healthcare from out of state extremists during the vote for HB 5414 on April 19th, 2022. Other states with Republican legislatures have passed laws that attempt to regulate and criminalize reproductive Healthcare in other states including CT. The right to reproductive Healthcare is supported by the majority of Americans making those Republican legislatures, along with Perillo and McGorty, out of touch with the people.

HB 5414 updates our extradition law to prevent efforts by other states to prosecute CT residents for obtaining or providing medical services that are legal in our state and should be legal nationwide. It also allows our resident to recoup any lost money from individuals who participated in any out of state lawsuit over obtain or providing legal and valid medical services in CT.

These are essential protections in a time when women's freedoms are under attack from radicals in other states whom are trying to enforce their extremist and minority views across America. Be sure to let Representatives Perillo and McGorty know that siding with those radicals and voting against protecting us, their voters, from out of state extremists was unacceptable. And vote Democrat this year to ensure our state remains a safe place for women, their doctors, and anyone who cares for them.

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