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Downtown's Lack of Parking Has City at a Breaking Point

April 15th, 2022

We've been saying it for years, the Republicans' lack of a long term plan for Shelton development including providing adequate downtown parking is hurting our City. Anyone can keep taxes low, but it's the other things a municipal government does that ensures a town continues to thrive. Attracting new businesses and preserving existing ones, inspiring residents to take pride and contribute to the community, and providing affordable living to all types of citizens from young families to the elderly, requires having a good plan and not changing the zoning spot-by-spot just to get something built.

From the Shelton Herald Article:

“Talk to the business owners - they say it. Folks need parking,” (Democratic P&Z Commissioner Jimmy) Tickey said. “And we have lost parking lots along the way, even if it was a small parking lot. We have lost five here, 10, 20 spaces over the course of the past few years.

“This commission would not want to compound the problem by adding more businesses,” said Tickey, adding that the lack of parking “hurts the entire downtown when there is not a good, safe, central place to park their car and walk around.”

Below is a photo of the Chromium Process lot taken back in 2019 shortly after it was opened, late on a Sunday night after businesses were closed. It was full then, and it's still full now. The closure of this lot will be a disaster, the Lot around the corner next to the Conti building cannot absorb the amount of cars that will be displaced.

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